Written on 17/07/2023

Over recent weeks and months, IFAC file checkers have increasingly become stretched with the demand for file checks.   Going back just 3 years, the volume being checked has probably trebled since then, a reflection of your changing priorities.  No one can run a retail financial services practice without outsidver verification of standards. 

We increasingly come across files in the file checking queue with missing documents.  Not only does it delay our checkers, it interferes with your day – because you get an admin request asking for doc upload, and it slows down the receipt of the check by us, the results by you and turns us both into digital pen pushers.

Therefore, a small plea for your help.

When you next receive the email in your inbox informing you that a file has been requested for checking, please take a few minutes to click on the link, log into BAT and check all documents are on the file check.   Just like the attached image.  (Do you ever get to see the Red Arrows?)  

Please remember that any documents to be added MUST be added to the file check and not just to the client file. Once a check has been requested, our file checkers cannot access anything that is latterly added to the client file for Data Protection reasons.  Client files sometimes go back many years, but the file check is a snapshot of time, as used by FOS, FCA, Courts and counterparties.  

Thanks in advance


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