Written on 27/04/2021


2 hours on How to treat complaints  and The DPO role

with Jeremy Hackett

Starts at 10AM May 21st 2021

An interactive online TEAMS course lasting 120 minutes aimed at retail financial services staff working we may be exposed to Data Protection breaches and other Complaints. 

First hour on GDPR for staff working in financial services.  Understanding of the rules and compliance processes surrounding GDPR issues in the commercial and regulatory financial services environment. 

  • The key terms - personal data as well as data subject, data controller etc.
  • Personal and/or sensitive data your employees handle
  • The principles of the GDPR, , guidelines and best practice
  • what to do on a breach

Second hour on FCA Compliant Complaints Handling

  • The key requirements for all staff to understand FCA complaints.
  • Understand the FCA and FOS expectations
  • Connected regulation – SYSC, TCF - social media and complaints
  • Time barring

Communication Observation Skills Assessment and Feedback Training and Coaching Record Keeping 

All who attend and pass will be certified as accredited by IFAC in this subject as required by FCA and the ICO.

IFAC Members - free to attend - click here for member verification

Non members - free register here

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