Written on 06/03/2023

ave you guys seen this?

Artificial intelligence has arrived on your browser.
Google is for dummies. 

The tech is blowing apart school and university models, as students using the open AI write 5,000 word essays in a few seconds,. This  writes lines of code for you to input when developing software using Github language and delivers facts and figures in a way that makes wiki and google look positively old fashioned.  In fact, you can fact check Charlie’s article above and it will split returns up on the FTSE for you by income and capital, without any apparent bias or advertising.  

I wrote an article for this week entitled What is Zero Trust security? But it has mostly been edited out, due to too technical nature.  

“Zero Trust is a network security strategy based on the philosophy that no person or device inside or outside an organization's network should have access to everything, everywhere all the time.  In short, it means zero implicit trust.”

That is all you get this week, but you can be assured that BAT use Zero Trust to protect your data to the highest levels.  The news that Succession has had what appears to be ransomware attack this week saddens us - it is avoidable.  We only apply the highest standards.    This month at IFAC and BAT we have installed virus defenders, password storage devices and VPN firewall.  If other firms would like advice on these essential tools – then please do ask.

FCA expect firms to have a Data Security Risk Assessment. available for inspection.  Several small IFAs have been asked for this document in the last three months since November 2022.  One was a sole practitioner IFA seeking FCA approval for the first time. 

Have you got yours ready?

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