Written on 30/09/2022

If anyone was in any doubt about how difficult it is now becoming to get the FCA onside with your plans for your business, including your own appointment as director, then look no further than the FCA apparently ejecting Andy Bell from running his own business AJ Bell. 

Although the details are not crystal clear, it seems the FCA preferred almost anyone else to Andy, and declined to allow him to take up a non regulated role as a NED director of his own firm.  That is in compliance with the combined code of best practice, but a strong draught for the 25% owner of the business to have to walk away, have his email address removed, hand back his key to the office and watch former employees hesitate to greet him in supermarket aisles. 

Mind you, with that fortune, he'll be sending someone else to do the shopping, and might even afford to buy a different pair of shoes.

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