Written on 30/06/2022

A summary of the FCA fee increases that is particularly relevant to consumer credit firms and installers, shopkeepers and white goods retailers, all of whom can expect to see dramatic increases in their annual FCA fees. 

FCA fees are going up dramatically during 2022 to 2025, despite the FCA claim that "We have strong processes and controls in cost saving."

This may or may not be true - the FCA measure their own performance and pass the bills for their work onto industry, who in turn pass it on to their customers.  So IFAC cannot comment on their cost efficiencies., except anecdotally to suggest that the hundreds of millions spent on their IT infrastructure is not value for money. 

The document attached is our summary of the FCA's click here

The document attached is the FCA's own PAPER that is snuck away in their website, not even accessible as a news item.

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