Written on 22/04/2021


Projects are not won or lost on the name, although the meekly named "Operation Market Garden" in the second world war was is a good example of a poor name with correspondingly poor execution: it arguably extended that war by four months.  

FCA make a speciality out of names and acronyms that do not stick: NMPI which industry calls UCIS, and UCITS that the industry knows as OEICs and the dreaded RMAR.

Now the FCA have announced plans for a Data Lake.

For those of us used to wrangling with the hopeless logistics called RMAR and Connect, we might suggest that the name is almost certain to lead to data leak. 

This what the FCA say:

"We are bringing all our data together in a ‘data lake’ and have invested significantly in bringing in data science expertise. As set out in our data strategy, we now have more resilient, robust technology systems and better access to better"

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