TCF and the suitability of advice
Written on 15/02/2021

TCF and suitability of advice

Understand the FCA’s focus on Treating Customers Fairly strategy

  • Ensure you are evidencing suitability correctly
  • Ensure you are evidencing appropriateness correctly
  • Understand what level of KYC -  FF is required before making a recommendation
  • Confirm your approach to risk profiling meets the regulator’s expectations
  • Learn what regulated firms need to do to demonstrate suitability and appropriateness in practice
  • The TCF feedback loop to "show me".

 On completion all who pass the exam will be certified as accredited by IFAC as receiving training in Suitability and TCF, as required by FCA.

90 minute sessions - same session each day.

On morning of  March 18th, starts at 9am until 10.30am

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On morning of  March 26th, starts at 9am until 10.30am

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