Data Protection Officer training
Written on 15/02/2021

Data Protection Officer training

An interactive and engaging online course on GDPR for staff working in financial services.

Understanding of the rules and compliance processes surrounding GDPR issues  in the  commercial and regulatory financial services environment. 

This Live Online programme is a 1 session course that consists of 1 live tutorial lasting 60 minutes .

 This course covers

  • the key terms - personal data as well as data subject, data controller etc.
  • personal and/or sensitive data your employees handle
  • the Regulation’s purpose
  • the principles of the GDPR
  • the principles, guidelines and best practice
  • what to do on a breach


Held on 5th March at 9am until 10am.

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Held on 11th March at 2pm to 3.30pm

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On completion all who pass the exam will be equipped to act as the firm’s Data Protection Officer.

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