September 2020 comment - the SHOFFICE
Written on 07/09/2020

September 2020 comment - the SHOFFICE

The SHOFFICE.  The "shoffice" is now a new word for us all to learn - a shed for working.   

Lockdown has  created a new interest in sheds, as more of us learn to toil from home. We've been shed-heads for years but that is because IFAC is based near Gloucester, and know that there is only one Shed round here and it's at Kingsholm.  We suggest meantime that the middle classes bourgeoisified work space sticks to shoffice, or even the FT name "architect-designed garden rooms".  Shoffice on, and keep The Shed special. 

Remember Travelex? Remember the Rugby World Cup 2003 and its key sponsor?

Headline sponsor Travelex has gone into administration. An object lesson in how the mighty can fall. 
First they were struck by an IT hack - Ransomware seeking £25m in funds to restore the network – which most commentators believe was actually paid, and then, just 15 months later the travel industry collapsed with Corvid.

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