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Written on 03/07/2020

Synaptic Training

Author:  John Warby

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Synaptic Software’s end to end financial planning and research solution helps you to recommend, quote and transact millions of decisions that are suitable and compliant, supporting the investment and protection markets. These tools will provide you with peace of mind for advice suitability and assist you in creating better financial outcomes for your clients.

The Synaptic Suite offers ‘best advice’ research tools that will integrate into your company’s workflows and provide a repeatable, consistent and compliant approach to all aspects of investment and protection advance and recommendation.

The Synaptic Suite includes:


Synaptic’s product research tool has been leading the market for over 20 years.  Product data is updated by providers which is then verified by Synaptic’s research team with two updates per month.  Fund information comes directly from FE which is overlaid with the RSMR commentaries on the fund factsheets. Product research covers contracts covering ISAs, Bonds, Pensions, Platforms and more.  Ethical fund selection is second to none and with a single click you can find which products support your fund selection. Product and Fund is unbiased and no providers pay to be listed, giving you the ability to find the best product for your client based on what you think is important.


Comparator is Synaptic’s complete cost and charging engine. It will look at the platform costs of ISA’s, Offshore and On Shore Bonds, GIA’s as well as Pension Products.  Costs and charges are added by the providers themselves which allows you to get complete RIY on all products. Comparator provides pension switching capabilities where the existing scheme can be ranked against the proposed product by RIY, charges and growth.  You can also filter out the provider or product wrapper if it does not support the portfolio you have selected for your client.


Synaptic Analyser is a cash flow modelling tool but with drawdown product selection built in. Simply add your client’s pension along with their other investments and map out from retirement.  You can calculate an annuity quote from within the tool and run multiple scenarios to match your client requirements, at the end of the model, you can then select a drawdown product provider. Analyser will calculate the fund longevity, RIY and total charges so you can select the best product for your client. 


Powered by the world renowned Moodys engine, Modeller was created to view investment risk. The Moodys stochastic engine will calculate the thousands of different outcomes for any given asset allocation over the investment term with the 50th percentile being the most likely outcome. You can use Modeller to project a client asset allocation and view risk of that investment. Modeller also includes Capacity for Loss and Tolerance for Loss questions to make aligning your investment choice for your client simple.


Synaptic’s Risk proposition is powered by Moodys, taking provider asset allocation data and feeding into the Moodys engine to provide the Min, Max and Mean Gain of the portfolio or Multi Asset. Factsheets are then published within the Risk tool and with either a 1-5 or 1-10 investment strategy. The ATRQ is written and updated by A2Risk which uses the original ATRQ from Byrne and Blake and has been updated regularly over the years. The questionnaire maps to the Moodys asset allocations perfectly.


Synaptic’s support infrastructure is best in class. Their first line support are experts in all of Synaptic’s software modules with a stringent SLA in place to meet support deadlines. Synaptic’s NPS score in 2019 was +56 which ranked by NPS is excellent, so you can be assured you that you will receive the best support from the team.


Every week Synaptic will be running training sessions exclusively for IFAC members, this will be in addition to the 2 hours of training on each module provided by Synaptic’s in-house trainers. This will ensure you get the most out of the software and its capabilities. CPD is available for the 2 hour training sessions performed by Synaptic’s in-house trainer only. 

The sessions run on Thursday at 10am and 1pm and the details are

Telephone number:  08006942654   

Conference Code: 942 712 018

Author:  John Warby

07902 701474

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