Travel Insurance rule changes
Written on 07/02/2020

Travel Insurance changes.

Due to be implemented on 5th November 2020

New ICOBS rules on travel insurance for consumers with medical conditions into force.

FCA changes will:

Require firms to signpost certain consumers with PEMCs to a directory of specialist providers.

Introduce guidance that firms selling travel insurance policies that exclude PEMCs should tell consumers whether and how these PEMC exclusions can be removed.

Introduce guidance for firms reminding them to assess the risk from medical conditions and calculate medical condition premiums using reliable information that is relevant to assessing this risk. This will help make sure that consumers are quoted a fair premium which properly covers their circumstances.

Who this applies to: These changes will apply to all firms that offer retail travel insurance.

You need to check the providers' documentation to see if they are disclosing this information for you, in quote packs, otherwise you'll have to pick it up. 

Firms offering retail travel insurance must implement the new requirements by 5 November 2020.

FCA are working with MaPS to create a directory that meets the criteria, but don't expect it to be created until Summer 2020...hence you've got until November to get this implemented, and you can't start until the directory is ready.

Your firm must include the details of a medical cover firm directory on the page of its website where it markets travel insurance policies

see original documentation here

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