Anti Money Laundering Training
Written on 19/10/2018

This course is free to members, and costs £50 for non members, including exam material posted after the course for assessment. Online only…. Course trainer – John Downs. This course will cover the following:

Money laundering is how criminals get rid of their money. Criminals have to cover their tracks in order to profit from their criminal activities. you cannot buy a house with cash - so they go about putting the money legally into the system. So steadily over the years the government has introduced tough laws to combat the problem. Financial services is in the forefront of AML work. But even schools, universities, racehorse trainers have money laundering procedures in place. The first step towards procedures is making staff aware - by AML training. You are legally responsible for taking steps to ensure your staff do not inadvertently get involved in money laundering.

This is easier than you think. For instance tipping off is an offence. Incredible as it may seem, refusing to accept a bribe may amount to "tipping off". And tipping off the offender is an offence. Better to tell the authorities - or rather the money laundering officer appointed for your firm. Getting your staff up to speed doesn't have to be a laborious and expensive process. Our Anti Money Laundering training is flexible and cost-effective online training resource. What to look out for, what to do about it and how to go about it. This course is essential for almost everyone in business.

£50 per attendee. Free to IFAC Members

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November 12th at 9.30am - 12.30pm

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