New GDPR client agreement
Written on 10/08/2018

We attach the new GDPR client agreement. 
This is a template of the new agreement between our firm and your firm.

These are being sent out individually and personalized, as per the GDPR guidelines to firm principals.

For those signed up on our courses for GDPR you will recognise the microsite.

On the full release of over the weekend of 11th May, you will see more on GDPR that will enable your firm to build an inventory of data, update your agreements and cleanse what is left behind.   You will be able to do all this on the new Bat system.


  1. If you have a legal basis for holding client data – then no consent is required to hold it.
  2. All clients need a new Terms of business, with a separated out section on GDPR.  The client agreements in the reever document library all have this included. (Too many to send out here!) The party who has initiated the contract, is responsible for issuing the updated version to reflect GDPR.  So you can allow, say, Standard Life to make the changes.  It is their agreement that you sign – not yours.  But agreements that you have initiated and created – such as for clients and HR recruitment purposes, will be your responsibility to update.
  3. Our analysis shows that IFAC are miles ahead of nearly every other back office support operation –Some of the tosh sent to me by competitors, lawyers and so on makes me cringe.  IFAC keeping you up to date.

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