The MSCI Emerging Markets index is changed again
Written on 10/08/2018
Recently Chinese A shares were added to the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Now further changes to the Emerging Markets Index are coming:
  • Saudi Arabia will be joining the Index with a weighting of about 2.6% or 32 securities out of 834 in total.   Saudi Aramco will be coming on stream shortly, and that will add a significant weighting to this index.
  • Argentina has just agreed a $50bn three year loan facility with the IMF, that no serious observer expects them to pay back, and we suggest that even servicing the debt will be a challenge given their history.   Argentina’s weighting will be about 0.4% of the Index but initially only include foreign listings in New York etc of Argie Companies.
See more on this index here.

The fund has outperformed the world market index since 2003 but the road has been a roller coaster.
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