The week in brief (w/c 11th June)
Written on 10/08/2018

1) FCA Review of Roboadvice
On 21 May 2018, the FCA published a webpage setting out the findings of its reviews of firms offering automated investment services.
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2) Unions urge Tata Steel to bolster pension payouts
Union Leaders told Tata Steel to boost future payouts to UK pensioners, after the company revealed a significant surplus in its retirement scheme following the recent changes to the scheme.
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3) Multifactor Investing 
IFAs keep reading about Multi Factor Investing… An area of markets that looks like a bubble to me…..amounts invested were reportedly £3bn in 2009, but now stand at twenty times that with some £70bn committed.

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4) FCA Speech on Building Societies and the Future of Retail Banking 
The FCA published this month of May a speech by Jonathan Davidson, FCA Director of Supervision: retail and authorisations, on building societies and the future of retail banking.

5) IFAs to be prosecuted for taking client data
It is only a matter of time before prosecutions in the magistrates court stem from IFAs keeping data on clients.

A former recruitment consultant has now been prosecuted for stealing personal data from his old employer.

6) Reduce your IHT by 10% by leaving 10% to charity.
In 2011 HMRC announced rules to encourage people to leave part of their estate on death to charity. This reduces the rate of inheritance tax (IHT) payable on death if the deceased leaves 10% of the chargeable estate to charity.

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