The week in brief
Written on 10/08/2018

Invesco has bought IFA technology firm Intelliflo from Hg for £16M.  The never ending march of American Money in Invesco.  WWW.BAT.IFAC.EU find that Intelliflo are their biggest competitor.  The reason for BAT is simplicity and cost – it is a very simple back office system to manage the compliance in your practice.  

Buy a licence with the FCA
Hundreds of pubs across Britain have been bought by Tesco and Sainsbury to convert into mini-markets according to reports. The reason for this is simple – they get to buy the licence, which is a certain short cut to getting a licence!  Ring a bell for FS work?  The demand for regulated firms is very strong.

June 2018 Market Report
In sterling adjusted terms, Japan remains the outperformer on year to date performance amongst the major markets rising by 2.93% in sterling adjusted terms. See link here

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