Ocean finance – doyen of daytime TV censured for promotion fail
Written on 10/08/2018

If you are familiar with Ocean Finance, then you are watching too much daytime TV!

A radio ad for Ocean Finance, heard on 17 January 2018, stated "Apparently there are still some people who say they don't want to apply for an Ocean credit card. That's amazing 'cause there's a credit limit of up to £1,500; texts so you keep control of your spending and you can see if you'll be accepted before you apply. Without affecting your credit rating. But I know the real reason people say they don't want to apply - 'cause they've already got one. To apply for an Ocean credit card go to https://www.oceanfinance.co.uk/credit-cards/.

The complainant challenged whether the ad should have included a representative APR (RAPR).
The ASA upheld the complaint and issued a censure.
Some say that the censure was good value free advertising, others say that the cost of a raised eyebrow at the FCA could be catastrophic – you just never know.

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