The FCA and GDPR - 14 Days and counting…
Written on 10/08/2018

We have had a number of members coming to us at the last minute for assistance with GDPR. Could it perchance be because of the proximity to the enforcement of GDPR being on 25th of this month, or the realisation that in February in the joint update of the FCA and ICO on GDPR, the FCA noted:

  • “Compliance with GDPR is now a board level responsibility, and firms must be able to produce evidence to demonstrate the steps that they have taken to comply”.

GDPR is a reality and those who have taken steps toward compliance will be ahead of the game, as where the FCA and the ICO are concerned, both will be working closely to review their 2014 memorandum upon implementation of the Rule.

IFAC have a complete range of GDPR documentation available through the GDPR microsite, accessible through the new BAT system. 

As an part of ongoing compliance we urge members to contact us for specialist training support where they are behind schedule with implementation. The cost of the IFAC course is just £300 (or £25 per month for 12 months). Please email for enquiries.

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