Risk and the need for Reg-tech
Written on 10/08/2018

Magistrates' Court fines DFS Trading Ltd £1million following conviction for health and safety breach.&; An employee of DFS Trading Ltd was unloading wooden furniture frames at one of their upholstery sites, when he was hit by unsecured furniture which fell from an unstable load. He was knocked unconscious and suffered serious neck and head injuries. A Health and Safety Executive investigation found that DFS failed to adequately manage the risks of heavy loads being moved between manufacturing sites. The company was fined £1 million.

Magistrates' Court fines construction company £450,000 following conviction for health and safety breaches.  Leyland SDM Ltd (LSDM) had been in the process of redeveloping a warehouse in Wembley when four workers fell more than three and a half metres down from a working platform. Two workers broke their legs in the fall and another suffered a broken collar bone, among other injuries caused by the incident. A Health and Safety Executive investigation found LSDM failed to manage the risks when working at height and carrying out the lifting operation. The company was fined £450,000.

Why do we tell you this? It is all about the risk management process, and all IFA firms by using our Bat Software are automatically risk assessing their practices, through the KPIs shown under the SUPERVISION tab. The annual audit conducted by our audit team is also a risk assessment that will be used in your defence.

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