FCA Round robin emails – part one - Did you receive it?
Written on 10/08/2018

The FCA sent round their monthly Regulation round-up (firmcommunications@fcanewsletters.org.uk).

If you didn’t receive it, and you are the practice principal, then you need to check your junk mail for this message.  FCA emails very often go into junk mail, and junk mail filters need to be checked at least quarterly.  In fact the round up is normally repeating information that you should be anyway up to date with.  

Gabriel return requests also often get lost in junk mail filters, and the list of appeals the FCA watchdog ombudsman against the £250 late return filing fine is long, usually cites junk mail and non receipt of warnings, and they are almost invariably unsuccessful. 

If in doubt opt in on the FCA site.

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