PI Insurance


IFAC offer PI solutions. Online application completion with data from BAT.

Using Bat you can log your new business and turnover records with that, the system allows you get the charts and KPIs that you need to complete and split your turnover for a PI form. This is all automated for you via the system.

Better still - we will source the PII for you.

We have extensive links with PII world, and can place tricky cases that have previously been refused.

We are not brokers and do not charge a commission. We are working for you in as your compliance manager, and this is what compliance managers do - sort PII out.

We sort the annual application, and manage the claims process.

Forgetting to notify a potential claim is the single biggest reason for IFA failure today. Even the mighty Burns Anderson fell on that sword. (Subsequently called Money Portal and finally Honister)

IFAC and PII - that's our business and it is central to yours.

You will achieve discounted rates of PII due to membership of our body. After all, question two on every application is the same. Who is your compliance support provider? Make it a brand name. Make it someone they are familiar with. Make it with us.

Contact with us for more information Alastair.frame@ifac.eu or call us 01242 80 70 10.